September 24, 2022

Have you ever wondered why your cat seems to enjoy licking the wax out of your ears? It’s not because they’re grossed out by it or think that you taste good. In fact, there are a few reasons why cats like earwax.

One reason is that earwax contains pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals that are released by the body and affect the behavior of others. They can be used to communicate information about things like reproductive status, social status, and more.

When a cat licks your earwax, they’re getting a read on who you are and what your social situation is like. Another reason cats enjoy earwax is because it’s salty. Cats have a strong sense of taste and they love things that are salty.

Earwax has a high concentration of salt, which makes it irresistible to cats. Finally, cats may simply enjoy the texture of earwax.

Cats are known for their love of all things gross and smelly, so it’s no surprise that they’re attracted to earwax. But why do they find it so irresistible? There are a few theories as to why cats enjoy earwax.

One is that the waxy substance contains pheromones, which are chemicals that can convey information about an animal’s reproductive status. Cats use pheromones to communicate with each other, so it makes sense that they would be interested in the scents present in earwax. Another theory is that cats simply enjoy the taste of earwax.

After all, cats have a reputation for being finicky eaters, so it’s possible that they view earwax as a tasty treat. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that cats love earwax. If you have a cat at home, you’ve probably witnessed them licking your ears or trying to get at your wax build-up.

While it may be gross to us humans, there’s no doubt that cats find earwax irresistible!

Why Do Cats Like Earwax


-Do Cats Like the Taste of Earwax

While there are a variety of opinions out there on whether cats actually enjoy the taste of earwax or not, the general consensus seems to be that they do not. In fact, many cats will go out of their way to avoid eating earwax altogether. So why do some people think that cats like the taste of earwax?

One theory is that because earwax is high in fat, it can be an appealing taste for cats who are drawn to fatty foods. However, this is unlikely given that most cats prefer to eat leaner meats and fish over fatty foods. Another theory is that because earwax is salty, it may appeal to a cat’s natural love of salt.

However, this too is unlikely as salt is not something that Cats typically crave. So while we may never know for sure whether or not cats actually enjoy the taste of earwax, it seems safe to say that they probably don’t.

Why Do Cats Lick Your Ears?! Strange Cat Behaviours Explained

Is Human Earwax Bad for Cats

Most people think of earwax as something that’s dirty and needs to be cleaned out, but did you know that earwax actually serves a purpose? It’s there to protect your ears from dirt, dust, and other foreign objects. So, what about cats?

Do they need earwax? Well, it turns out that cats don’t produce earwax like humans do. Instead, their ears are self-cleaning and don’t require any help from us!

Why Does My Cat Lick My Ears at Night

If you’re a cat owner, you may have noticed that your feline friend likes to lick your ears at night. While it may seem like a strange behavior, there are actually a few reasons why cats do this. For one, licking is a way for cats to show affection.

When your cat licks your ears, they’re basically giving you a kitty kiss! It’s also thought that when cats lick their human’s ears, they’re trying to mimic the grooming behavior that they would perform on other cats. By licking your ears, they’re showing that they consider you part of their “family.”

In addition to being a sign of affection, ear-licking can also be a way for cats to mark their territory. When felines lick their own body parts and then rub against you, they’re leaving behind their scent. This helps them claim you as their own and makes sure that other cats know not to mess with their favorite human!

So next time your cat starts licking your ears at night, don’t be too alarmed—they’re just trying to show you some love (and maybe mark their territory too)!

Why Do Cats Like Earwax Reddit

If you’ve ever wondered why your cat seems to enjoy licking your earwax, you’re not alone. It’s a common question that pet owners have, and there are a few possible explanations. One theory is that cats like the taste of earwax because it’s salty.

Cats have a strong sense of taste and they may be drawn to the saltiness of earwax. Another possibility is that earwax smells good to cats. Cats have a very sensitive sense of smell and they may be attracted to the scent of earwax.

It’s also possible that cats simply enjoy the sensation of licking something soft and warm like earwax. Whatever the reason, if your cat enjoys licking your earwax, there’s no need to worry. It’s harmless behavior and it doesn’t mean that your cat is dirty or unhealthy.

Pictures of Cat Ear Wax

If you thought human ear wax was weird, wait until you see what cat ear wax looks like! This sticky, yellow substance is actually beneficial for your feline friend, as it helps to protect their ears from dirt and debris. However, it can also build up over time and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your cat’s ear wax and clean it when necessary. Here are some pictures of cat ear wax to give you an idea of what it looks like. As you can see, it can vary in appearance depending on the level of buildup.

If you notice that your cat’s ear wax is starting to accumulate excessively, be sure to take them to the vet for a professional cleaning.


Cats are known for their cleanliness, but they also enjoy a good earwax meal. While the jury is still out on why exactly cats like earwax, there are a few theories. One theory is that cats see earwax as food.

Another theory is that cats see earwax as something to play with and bat around. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: Cats love earwax!

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