September 25, 2022
Kim Jong Il Sunglasses

In the early days of his rule, Kim Jong Il was rarely seen in public without his signature dark sunglasses. The glasses were both a practical necessity, shielding his eyes from the bright Korean sun, and a political statement, hiding his eyes from the gaze of his people. For many North Koreans, the sunglasses came to symbolize the mysterious and elusive nature of their leader.

When it comes to sunglasses, there are few people who can rock a pair quite like Kim Jong Il. The late North Korean dictator was known for his signature style, and that included a pair of stylish shades. Today, you can find replicas of his glasses online, and they make for a great fashion statement.

If you want to channel your inner dictator, or just want a unique pair of shades, then Kim Jong Il sunglasses are the way to go.

Kim Jong Un Glasses Brand

Kim Jong-un is the current dictator of North Korea, and he’s often seen sporting a pair of glasses. But what brand are they? It turns out, we may never know.

While many brands have been speculated, no one has been able to definitively say which ones he wears. It’s possible that he has multiple pairs from different brands, or that his glasses are custom made. What we do know is that Kim Jong-un’s glasses are always perfectly polished and clean.

He must have a good cleaning routine! If you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, you can try to emulate Kim Jong-un’s style by opting for a simple and sleek frame. And make sure to keep them sparkling clean!

Kim Jong Un Sunglasses Gif

Kim Jong Un Sunglasses Gif: How to Get the Perfect Pair When it comes to sunglasses, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. But, when you’re looking for the perfect pair of Kim Jong Un sunglasses, there are a few extra factors that you’ll want to take into account.

Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect pair of Kim Jong Un sunglasses: 1. Consider the shape of your face. When it comes to sunglasses, the shape of your face is one of the most important things to consider.

After all, you want your new shades to flatter your features, not hide them! If you have a round face, look for frames that are more angular. And if you have an oval-shaped face, go for glasses that are more round or square.

2. Think about what style you’re going for. Are you looking for something classic? Or maybe something more modern?

Once you know what style you’re aiming for, it’ll be easier to narrow down your choices. 3. Don’t forget about function! Yes, fashion is important when choosing sunglasses… but so is function!

Make sure that the pair you pick will actually protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Look for lenses that offer 100% UV protection. 4. Find a color that suits you best .

When it comes to Kim Jong Un sunglasses , there’s no shortage of colors and patterns to choose from! So take some time to find a hue that really speaks to you (and goes well with your wardrobe).

Kim Jong Un Weight Loss

Kim Jong Un is the current leader of North Korea, and he is known for his large size. In recent years, however, it appears that he has lost a significant amount of weight. This has led to speculation about his health, as well as rumors that he may be ill.

There are several theories about why Kim Jong Un has lost so much weight. One possibility is that he has been sick; another is that he is trying to improve his image in the international community. It is also possible that he is simply trying to stay healthy and fit as he gets older.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that Kim Jong Un’s weight loss has been significant. He looks noticeably thinner in recent photos, and it will be interesting to see if he continues to lose weight in the future.

Courreges 8829

In the 1960s, French fashion designer André Courrèges caused a sensation with his “Space Age” designs. One of his most iconic creations was the Courreges 8829, a white PVC coat with large blue buttons. The coat became an instant hit and has been worn by everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Lady Gaga.

Today, the Courreges 8829 is still popular and can be found in many vintage stores. If you’re lucky enough to find one, it’s sure to make a statement!

Kim Jong Un Sunglasses Video

On June 4, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was seen sporting a pair of sunglasses in a new video released by the state-run Korean Central News Agency. The video shows Kim inspecting a military unit and giving a speech, during which he is shown wearing the sunglasses. This is not the first time that Kim has been seen wearing sunglasses in public.

In April, he was photographed wearing a pair of aviator-style sunglasses while meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. And in February, he was spotted wearing dark glasses during a visit to a military factory. It’s unclear why Kim wears sunglasses so often, but it’s possible that he does so to avoid being recognized by foreign media outlets.

In 2015, for example, he was mistakenly identified as his brother, Kim Jong Chol, in a news report about a concert attended by members of the Swiss government. Whatever the reason for his penchant for sunglasses, one thing is clear: Kim Jong Un looks pretty cool in them.

Kim Jong Il Sunglasses


What Rights are Restricted in North Korea?

The Constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) guarantees many rights and freedoms. However, in practice, the government severely restricts freedom of expression, association, assembly, religion, and movement. Freedom of expression is limited to praising the government and the ruling party.

The state controls all media outlets and prohibits access to foreign news sources. North Koreans are not allowed to criticize the government or the country’s leaders. Punishment for violating these restrictions can be severe, including imprisonment in a labor camp or execution.

Freedom of association and assembly are also restricted. The only authorized political party is the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK). All other parties are banned.

Public gatherings must be approved by authorities in advance, and criticism of the government is not permitted. Religious freedom is limited in North Korea. The state recognizes only two religions—Christianity and Buddhism—and tightly controls their activities.

Christians are required to worship at state-sanctioned churches where they must listen to propaganda about the government rather than religious teachings. Buddhists are allowed to worship at temples that have been approved by authorities, but their activities are also closely monitored by the state. Other religious groups—including Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and members of traditional Korean shamanist faiths—are not recognized by the government and face discrimination and persecution .

Movement within North Korea is also restricted . Travel between cities requires a permit from authorities , and travel outside of North Korea is generally prohibited except for special circumstances such as work or study abroad . Those who attempt to leave North Korea without permission face punishment ranging from forced repatriation back to North Korea ( often accompanied by torture ) to execution .

Can North Korean Citizens Use Internet?

The Internet is not accessible to the general public in North Korea. Only a small number of elite citizens are allowed to use the World Wide Web, and access is heavily censored. The country’s intranet, called Kwangmyong, is available to all citizens, but it’s only used for government propaganda and communication.

Are You Allowed to Film in North Korea?

Yes, you are allowed to film in North Korea. However, there are certain restrictions that you need to be aware of before filming. Firstly, all foreigners who wish to film in North Korea must obtain a permit from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Secondly, you will need to hire a local guide and driver who are authorised by the government to take you to the places where you are allowed to film. Finally, you should expect your every move to be monitored by the authorities while you are in North Korea.

Which Search Engine is Used in North Korea?

It is estimated that North Korea has about 1,000 active internet users. Search engines in North Korea are likely government controlled and censored. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are probably not accessible from within the country.

The most popular search engine used in North Korea is probably Naenara.

Kim Jong-un's khaki jacket and sunglasses, what do they symbolize?


In the late 1990s, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Il began wearing sunglasses constantly, even indoors. His style of sunglasses became known as “Kim Jong Il Sunglasses” and were imitated by people in North Korea and abroad. The glasses were seen as a sign of power and authority, and helped to cement Kim Jong Il’s image as a strong leader.

In recent years, Kim Jong Il’s son and successor, Kim Jong Un, has also been spotted wearing the same style of sunglasses. It appears that the tradition of “Kim Jong Il Sunglasses” will continue under the new leadership in North Korea.

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